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K2’s staff has a broad range of experience, including regulatory compliance, right-of-way procedures, erosion control implementation, permit and plan preparation, and biological resource surveys. Below are some qualities that make us a valuable resource for our clients:

  • Senior Right-of-Way Agent on staff
  • Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) on staff
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service permitted biologist on staff
  • Registered Professional Archaeologist on staff

Contact Maria at (541) 385-6028 (office) or (541)788-3468 (cell)
Email: maria@k2-env.com

Maria Britton has over 26 years of experience as an environmental professional with substantial experience in biological resource protection and regulatory planning, as well as in-field compliance inspection and management. Maria’s prior work as a Lead Environmental Inspector or Environmental Supervisor on several large construction projects, allows her to effectively manage and direct complex environmental programs. Maria has also developed and facilitated numerous environmental training programs and key industry seminars related to permitting and compliance management. She has been a key trainer for the Bureau of Land Management Pipeline Systems Course and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Post-Certificate Environmental Compliance Seminar.


Maria provides management and technical expertise to all K2’s project. She provides direction and strategic planning for environmental management, biological survey, and permitting issues. She is also the key environmental trainer for the company.


Contact John at (541) 385-6028 (office) or (541)788-0602 (cell)
Email:  john@k2-env.com

John has over 24 years of experience as an environmental professional. He combines over a decade of experience in environmental compliance for large-scale utility construction projects with a technical background in fisheries and water quality. John has inspected oil and natural gas pipeline, electric, water utility, and fiber optic construction across a diverse range of habitats, with a special focus on wetland and stream crossings. His extensive field experience has also enabled him to successfully develop and negotiate permit issues with state and federal agencies.


John is the managing member of K2 Environmental LLC and provides oversight and management for the operations of the company. In addition, he provides field support on projects and technical expertise to clients. John never strays too far away from the field, helping to ensure he stays current on projects and industry standards.


Contact Jeff at (702) 704-4079 or (541)788-0331 (cell)
Email: jeff@k2-env.com

Jeff Montgomery has extensive experience in environmental compliance, environmental analysis, permitting, right-of-way acquisition, surveying and mapping, and inspection for various utility projects. He has participated in the location/construction of over 1000 miles of transmission line. For over 26 years, Jeff has provided environmental support on a variety of projects across the United States and has a strong understanding of the environmental regulations for federal and state agencies. Jeff has worked on some of the largest transmission line projects built in the U.S. as an environmental field manager and right-of-way representative. Jeff’s diverse background in right-of-way acquisition, environmental permitting, and field inspection makes him an extremely knowledgeable and versatile person in the field.


Jeff is a key project manager for K2 Environmental and is responsible for managing staff and projects, client coordination, project scoping and budgeting, and strategic planning. Jeff provides expertise in mapping and survey and supports many of our right-of-way and permitting projects in this capacity. Jeff is a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC #3105), Qualified SWPPP Developer/Practitioner (QSD/QSP) and a Senior Right of Way Agent through the International Right of Way Association.

Contact Jason at (541)728-1152 (cell)
Email: Jason@k2-env.com

Jason has over thirteen years of professional cultural resource management experience and meets the Secretary of the Interiors Standards for a professional archaeologist. He has worked in Washington, California, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Missouri, Illinois and Newfoundland on the completion of Phase I, II and III field investigations. He has a current on-line archaeological database user agreement with both the Oregon and Washington State Historic Preservation Office and he has worked as a crewmember as well as a supervisor for ARPA, NHPA (Section 106 and Section 110), SEPA, NEPA, NAGPRA and Executive Order 05-05 compliance projects. He is well-versed in training field crews, creating research designs and inadvertent discovery plans, tribal and agency consultation, archaeological survey, excavation and monitoring, determination of adverse effects and resource eligibility and has authored over 60 technical cultural resource reports.


Contact Sharon at
(541) 385-6028 (office) or (541)977-1968 (cell)
Email: Sharon@k2-env.com

Over the past 7 years at K2, Sharon has provided digital mapping support utilizing Arc View and Online Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Trimble Global Positioning System (GPS) units, Garmin units and Collector/Navigator on I pads. Other responsibilities include planning and permitting support for projects. Her past experience also includes chemistry lab analysis and water resources field work.


Contact Denise at (541)728-1827
Email: Denise@k2-env.com

For the past 13 years Denise has been working on a variety of different construction projects including transmission lines, natural gas pipeline, and weather station installation where she ensured environmental compliance associated with sensitive resources (i.e. water resources, special status plants, cultural resources and wildlife buffers/habitat). Denise has performed resources surveys for mitigation of noxious weeds, migratory birds/raptors/sage grouse, and special status plant species. She has experience with federally and state listed endangered and threatened species such as the Desert tortoise, Brown pelicans, the Pima pineapple cactus, and Burrowing owls. Denise has carried specialized certifications in Arizona and Nevada for dust monitoring, and handling of the Mohave Desert Tortoise which she obtained through U.S. Fish and Wildlife. Denise is a Certified Erosion and Sediment Control Lead (CESCL) through the state of Washington and has overseen Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans which included erosion control installation, inspection of those best management practices, and maintenance of erosion and sediment control devices. Additionally, she has served as a project land liaison on several projects working with construction project management to minimize impact to landowners during construction activities.


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